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Our Mission

This School was formed several years ago in the aftermath of 

our National tragedy at the World Trade Towers in New York City. 

It is a memorial to two compassionate 20th century activists for musical education in this country; Robert and Lillian Lewis. They fervently believed that music, as an integral part of human education, accessed the brilliant potential of children by encouraging intensive musical study and practice, which we carry on today. 




Music unlocks the primal force of the creative and therefore, is survival nutrient for all children’s inherent “musical souls”. Within each precious individual child, the “musical soul” lies as the dormant genius of “all” human beings young and adult - a key to the primal paradox of nature and a vibratory universal force for the education of the human being. Robert and Lillian were evolved teachers and truth seekers for the betterment of our future generations of children. They spread their love and caring to all parents and children enlightened by the benefits of a musical education and brought many students to their life’s fulfillment through the love of music. 



Musical harmony goes directly to the biologic core of all children and their yearning for acceptance as contributing members of the human family. We believe, our actively committed method provides the individual child with empowering nutrient to their psyches for a life -time of health and happiness. 



It allows the lotus of child ‘genius’ to flower and bloom with their individual interests, so that their entrance into society’s challenging confusions will be made as caring, empathic beings. We call this: practicing the chamber music principle, which is the foundation for the creation of positive musical experiences so necessary for productive people younger and older on their life journey in whatever environment 

they may chose. 


We are especially impressed by the fantastic effect of the “strings” on children and have over the last fifty years developed a teaching method we term Lewisonian Tai Chi - a holistic philosophy embracing Eastern and Western thought to discover the compassionate empathic realm of teaching which allows the student to participate in a collaboration with the experienced, dedicated teacher.

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